A. Wilson Webb

A. Wilson Webb

31 years

Primarily represent Consumers in disputes involving Lenders (including Mortgages), Auto Dealers and other Credit Sellers; in actions involving fraud, deceptive trade practices, fraudulent foreclosure practices, unfair or illegal debt collection practices read more...


Birmingham Office - By Appointment Only

Address: 4416 Linpark Dr
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: (256) 543-0150

Gadsden Office

Address: 924 3rd Avenue
Suite B
Gadsden, AL 35901
Phone: (256) 543-0150
Fax: (888) 705-9273

Practice areas


11th Circuit

Since 1985


Since 1984


Cumberland School of Law - Samford University

J.D. (1983)


Alabama State Bar


National Association of Consumer Advocates

Alabama State Chair


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