Steven Jeffrey Mehlman

Steven Jeffrey Mehlman

Business and Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

35 years

Mehlman Law Group is an East Bay (Walnut Creek, CA) real estate, business, and civil litigation law firm. We practice in all San Francisco Bay Area state and federal courts. read more...

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Mehlman Law Group

Address: 3050 Citrus Circle,, Suite 203
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Phone: (925) 935-3575 Ext. 103
Fax: (925) 935-1789

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Since 1980


University of California, Berkeley

Double major in Communications/Public Policy and Political Science
B.A. (1976)
Highest honors in political science, great distinction in general scholarship and Phi Beta Kappa

University of Michigan

Fellowship from Ford Foundation and a Masters at the same time.
J.D. (1980)
Cum Laude

University of Michigan

Public Policy
M.A. (1980)


Contra Costa Bar Association and Real Estate Section


California State Bar


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